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Hope Montessori
Hope Montessori

At Hope, we ensure we provide ensure that every child fulfills his or her full potential. The drive to bring out the best out of every child is our primary focus. Through our systematically designed curriculum, extra curricula activities, and series of social activities, every child is being aided to attain their full potential.

As our watch word is “there is hope for all” Hope as a school, over the years, has made inclusion a key aspect of our educational policy. From providing educational instruction to typical children to meeting the wholistic needs of children with additional educational needs, Creche facility, providing after school care, and organizing school holiday camps throughout the year. Sometimes, all a parent needs to know is that the impossibility can be possible. Hope goes a long way when it comes to nurturing your child’s innate talents and abilities and helping the child realize his/her full potential. Think of where your child’s needs are being met throughout the year! Think of HOPE!

Our classes

Our classrooms are child friendly and well designed to suit every child with state of the heart Montessori materials covering every aspect of the children’s curriculum. Our ratio is uncontestable with four teachers to six children in all our ASD classes and one to eleven in our mainstream classes. Every child’s curriculum program is systematically designed to suit their individual abilities with increasing rate of mastering while progressing from one stage to the other.

This is called an Individual Education Plan (IEP). IEP’s are designed after a period of assessment with the child, review of previous reports, and consultation with the parents. We welcome parents input as much as possible, as there may be some challenges at home that we are not aware of in school that we can work on with parents and their children.

Our children:

Our preschool is opened to children between the ages of 3 – 6 years. With early starters from age 2 ½ eligible to the CCSP scheme (if qualified) for both our mainstream and ASD classes.

  • Creche facility meets the need of babies and toddlers between the ages of 6 months to 2½ years.
  • After school club is opened to children from ages 3 to 12 and runs from 1:30pm to 6:30pm Monday to Friday.
  • We are big on organizing school holiday camps to meet child care need of parents during school holidays.
Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is adapted from the following:

  • Montessori Curriculum,
  • Aistear, and the
  • Primary School Junior and Senior Infant Curricula.

The aim is to prepare each child for their next setting, whether that will be a mainstream class, special unit or special school.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are well qualified with academic qualifications in teaching and all approved by the Teaching Council of Ireland.

They are all also very well trained in meeting the needs of children with additional education need.

This include the application of applied behaviour analysis technique which has been systematically built into our curriculum to help children with additional needs meet their highest potential

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