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Social Interaction

Social interaction is an intriguing part of Hope where the children are with a maximum class size of 6 children. This enables the children to learn from different personalities not only from the teachers but from their peers. On a daily basis, the children also enjoy different social activities like art & craft, outdoor and indoor play, group activities, music time and chill out areas. The children also do sessions with the children in the mainstream Montessori to get them used to being in a mainstream class setting.
Social interaction skills are a developmental area in which many children with autism need a great deal of help.
A group school setting can certainly provide opportunities for learning or reinforcing those crucial social skills. However, it is essential to choose a preschool provider that understands the social and communication issues common to autism and is well equipped to provide the support needed to acquire these skills successfully and this is what Hope Montessori Autism Care Centre has to offer.