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Wobblers, Toddlers, Preschool, Early intervention preschool class & afterschool class

Welcome to Hope

'A Safe and Caring World Of Play, Where Our Children Learn For Life'

What We Offer
Montessori & Creche
Montessori & Creche

The wobbller room is for babies 15 months to approx. 2 years old. As the children are usually starting to walk and explore more, the room is set up to encourage them to be independent and follow their natural curiosity. We still have safe padded areas as it can be a time of unsteadiness, and soft climbing areas which are closely supervised.

For mealtimes, children will sit together in specially designed chairs and be supported with feeding themselves, which will be individualised depending on the child and type of food.

Our activities support early speech development and communication and also reciprocal play with peers. Our Montessori equipment works on both gross and fine motor skills as well as a wide variety of toys.  

Rest areas are available and nap time is on specially designed floor beds again with their own sheets or blankets.

After School Club
After School Club

Your child has gained in confidence and usually displays a desire for independence at this stage! Children aged 2-3 years are often heard saying ‘I do it!’ and are self-directed in their play. Staff in the toddler room follow the child’s interests during play, encouraging them to take turns and to follow a group routine.  

During this time we will help you with toilet training and encouraging the children to be more independent in all of their hygiene routines.

ASD Classes
ASD Classes

The Pre-School room is more structured and more classroom like in it’s set up, and is Montessori based. There are defined areas for different types of play such as a home corner, dress up area, practical life and a rest area. Play is still self-directed and follows the interests of the child, with all of the Montessori materials freely available, encouraging exploration and the development of new interests.  

Children will be encouraged to do group projects, such as Junk Art, all about me, my favourites, our community, animals and many more. We follow the monthly Montessori themes which you can see here and we do other activities based on time of year or current appropriate issues and news e.g. saving water, births of animals at the zoo.  

Our Priority

At Hope our priority is the wellbeing and safety of your child, and of course, Fun, Fun, fun! We want your child to run into our centre each day, happy to be there. Sometimes this takes time, but rest assured we will work with you to make sure your child is well settled and comfortable in our centre.

At Hope we have a huge focus on play, independent skills and community involvement. We organise regular trips to the playground, shops and also our PE activities like swimming, horse riding and gymnastics. We are always open to new things so please let us know if you have any suggestions.

From babies to afterschool, our rooms have a variety of age appropriate toys and sensory materials, for more information on each room please click on the tabs below:

After school and morning drop

For school going children you can avail of our early drop service, where you can drop your child with us any time after 7.30 and we will provide breakfast and bring them to school.

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